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Handgun Storage

Armory Racks® are a patented high-density space-saving solution for handguns. The racks are designed to allow in-place pistol removal and replacement in tight storage spaces like safes, where space is precious and expensive. The multi-gun models are equipped with sturdy carrying handles allowing easy portability from location to location, like a safe to a display area, or a work area. The carrying handles also double as a means of securing mounted pistols using a cable lock.  Armory Racks also can optionally be configured with a storage tray, so spare magazines and small accessories can be stored below the pistols, providing easy access.

48 handguns on 6 Armory Racks fits in 16 1/2" of space.


"Armory Racks make a fantastic, inexpensive product that does what it is supposed to and then some.  They are prompt, courteous and are always trying to improve and we here at FourGuysGuns love and appreciate companies and products like these."

"RJK Ventures listened to their customers about adding a 2-gun version of the Armory Rack.  With the introduction of the 2 gun handgun rack they not only created a more compact version of the original, but they enabled a great way to safely store your carry gun without having to remove it from its holster.  Armory Racks have moved from inside the safe to the nightstand."  Eric Ebbinghaus, Haus of Guns - Gun and Gear Reviews, Hunting, and Outdoor Products

"Armory Racks are the most practical and efficient handgun storage option that I have encountered. They maximize your space while actually enhancing accessibility. I really don’t know what else you can ask of a handgun rack."  Matt Hazard, Jerking the Trigger - Tactical Gear News, Reviews, and Interviews