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6-Gun Customer Review

"Thanks for the 6 gun racks as they are awesome! They fit my shelves perfectly where it is the same length as the five gun rack from versatile gun racks that yours replaced, but holds six pistols instead of five. I've replaced all the versatile gun racks with Armory Racks. Great product!" - smak28

1 Gun Customer Review

When Armory Racks introduced their new product, the "1 Gun" handgun rack, owner Ryan contacted me and asked if I would review the product. I agreed and quick as a flash, a few days later the product arrived on my doorstep. Unlike the prior 4 Gun product, which was delivered by USPS in a heavy duty standard brown cardboard box, this one came courtesy of a USPS "Priority" flat-rate box.

The product was, again, neatly packaged with the standard warning and all of the requisite hardware.

One nice touch is that the package came with two sets of screws; a long set for running into wood framing of walls, and a shorter set for use inside a safe and other applications. I was very glad of this because I didn't have to hunt through my disorderly screw supplies in my toolbox.

The included installation instructions are minimal. By "minimal" I mean, "there ain't none." But, let's be honest here, if you need instructions to mount a two-screw bracket, then you may have more serious problems than finding a convenient mount for a single handgun. No matter, the kind folks of Armory Racks have thought of everything and, if you really need it, the instructions are available online.

Installation is simple and straight forward. A drill, a screwdriver, and the ability to figure out where you want to mount it.  Mark the holes and drill them.  Run the screws in.  Presto! You're done.

As you can tell from the pics, I chose a "cabinet door." It's a bedside cabinet, in this case and perfect for the "bump in the night" gun of your choice. It provides quicker and easier access than leaving it lying flat inside a drawer or on a shelf. Being set slightly away from the vertical mounting surface, it comes easily to hand. My only concern for this method of deployment would be that I might grab the firearm and, as I'm pulling it off, not pull straight back and thus apply leverage to the post. While this would not damage the firearm, nor could I conceive of it damaging the product itself, except for, perhaps, bending it slightly, I might conceivably wrench the whole thing off of the door. But that's my choice for deciding to mount it there.

It would also be handy to add a few extra hangers inside your standup safe. Keep in mind, that this provides easy and convenient access but does nothing to prevent unauthorized access. That's not the point of this product, obviously, but it is your responsibility as a gun owner. If your household is populated by reasonable adults then you're golden. On the other hand, if your household has small children, as mine does, then perhaps a different application for the 1 Gun rack is more appropriate. I know you're running out of room in your safe, right? ...or is that just me?

I don't want to over-use the word "innovative" in conjunction with Armory Racks products, but, well, frankly it is. While the 1 Gun rack has a slightly more limited scope of application, what it does, it does well and I'm happy to recommend it to those who can benefit from its use.

The product is available at Armory Racks web store:

Peace favor your sword,

Home for 116 with room for 44 more - 160 Handguns on 8 Gun Armory Racks

"Took delivery of my 4 slot rack today.  I ordered this to replace one of those nondescript gray foam three slot units that you see all around.  The biggest problem with the "Old Gray Mule" is that it took up too much space for three guns and the guns were constantly falling into one another since there was nothing holding them up aside from a small notch in the front for the dust cover and would not work with small guns like the PPK pictured.

I was skeptical at putting 4 large heavy guns into this rack and having it be stable.  That's apparently not a problem.  All the guns aside from an extra 1911 that I threw up there to fill it up have full mags for maximum weight.  Subsequent to the pictures I added the fourth mag to the 1911 and it did not change the stability at all.  The rack will stay upright and secure even if not pushed back to the back of a safe and does not have a propensity to tip over.

You can put just about any caliber on there including .22 (the 1911 frame on the far right is my Caspian/TSI .22 target gun).

The black gloss powder coat finish is high quality and the rack is well built.  The bottom tray (I ordered mine with the felt liner) is very useful for storing extra ammo, magazines, and a light or two.

IMHO this is a great solution for internal safe storage and I'm probably going to get another one of these for the workbench!" Joe, NC

"I received my package today.  Currently I only have a pair of Ruger Mark III pistols and a S&W 357 revolver on it but it works perfect. 

I'll definitely be purchasing another one once I have the money to fill it up.  :)"  Rick

"So, after a shocking win in Haus of Guns recent contest, I became the proud owner of a new 4 gun rack from!  Haus of Guns sent it out last week and I was pretty excited to try it out on my small and cluttered workbench.  The rack itself is affordable welded, powder-coated steel, with an optional molded tray, and neoprene sleeves to keep the barrel of your pistols from touching metal. The rack itself is rugged and well made, and I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t think of borrowing a 500 Magnum to test it out with until just now. That said, I can comfortably put 4 pistols on the rack, thus saving a considerable amount of space. I’ve been using it all this week and It’s a welcome addition to the shop. I’ve talked to Ryan from Armory Racks on Twitter and he’s been pretty cool. Hopefully he’ll come up with a similar solution for rifles in the future!  As evidenced to the right. I have literally no room to work whatsoever. What I do have is an abundance of ashtrays, beer fridge, and no women complaining."  Owen,  All


"My new Armory Rack and tray arrived today. The rack is well-made of real steel and coated to prevent any barrel or muzzle wear. If you carry it by the handles the guns and tray stay in place. My safe is now neat and organized. No more magazines falling out when I pull out a gun. I'm glad I bought it...probably need a couple more..." Bob, Ohio

"Thanks for the super fast shipping. This handgun rack fit perfectly in my safe.  I was intrigued so I decided to purchase one to help me organize my safe. I also wanted all my handguns in one area that would be more accessible to me instead of spread out in different areas around the safe.   I place my order yesterday and to my surprise my Handgun Rack arrived this morning.  I placed some of my handguns in the rack and they fit perfectly even my S&W Model 18 .22 caliber." Shawn, CA

"Got my rack and love it!!

"I have been searching for a better way to store my pistols.  I explored all kinds of options and nothing I found did anything for me. I saw this rack and had to try it. The biggest factor for me was that it holds 8 instead of 6 handguns. I also liked how I could take it to the range and set it on the bench with a cable lock through it. My biggest concern was how it would handle my hand cannons. They're long and heavy and thought they would  make the rack fall over. No Problem, See the pic below.

The rack holds everything very well and fits nice in the safe. It really freed up a lot of room in my safe. The powder coating was a little thick for my S&W 22a-1 so scraped some off and it worked well. For the bigger calibers, I just slid some new motorcycle fuel line over the metal dowel and it snugged up the fit a bit. It was not totally necessary, but I had some lying around.

The gun on the end is a S&W .44Mag model 29-3 with an 8 3/8" barrel, the stainless one is a Ruger Vaquero .45LC with a 7.5" barrel.  Great Product! Great Service! Now I have to buy more handguns and order another." Trevor, CA

"Just bought a tray and rack. That was extremely fast shipping ! Thanks. I think might need a few more." Scott, CA

" I love the armory rack along with the accessory tray. I'm now looking for a bigger safe to house my rack.Great product, keep up the great work. Very happy to support a local Pro 2A business!!!" Brett, CA

I was looking for some new storage options in my safe and came across this thread. I did some research on other types of handgun storage options and decided to give Armory Racks a try. I ordered the 8 gun rack, with optional storage tray and neoprene covers. I took advantage of their special pricing for Calgunners and placed my order. The rack was sent via USPS Priority mail with tracking the same day I placed the order.

One of the first things I noticed was how well the box was packed. To some this is a minor detail, but nothing ticks me off more then plunking down good money on something, then having the product thrown in a box with no care. Both the rack and tray were wrapped in plastic, there was reinforcing with separate pieces of cardboard within the box, then followed up with bubble wrap and "air pockets". Even the outer box itself felt heavy duty.

As for the rack itself, I was very happy with both it and the storage tray. I went with Armory Racks because I like the fact that the guns could be stored with no contact points affecting the outside finish. I also liked the 8 gun option (instead of the standard 6 with other racks) and the grab handles. The rack fit perfectly in the space I had allotted for it in my safe. After loading it up with 8 guns, it felt very sturdy. The grab handles are a great feature and allowed me to easily move it around, even fully loaded. I definitely plan on taking it with me to my next range trip.

I think the optional storage tray is a great buy. I used it for all of my spare mags and it fit neatly underneath my handguns with room to spare. It totally cleaned up what was becoming a disorganized mess in my safe. As for the extra neoprene covers, I think it boils down to what you feel comfortable with. I got them because I felt the extra padding couldn't hurt and for the added piece of mind. However, I think the standard covered arms would be fine.

All in all, I was very impressed with their service and the product. So much so, that I ordered another 8 gun rack (without the neoprene covers this time) to clean up the other side of my safe!

Got my 8-gun rack the other day, and it’s sure a dandy! I’m extremely happy with it, so I thought I’ll post a review here so other people can see what a nice product this is.

I don’t care much for gun socks and other products, I prefer to store my guns with as much air as possible around them, and with as little as possible touching the guns. I have used the Versatile racks for many years, and they have worked well for me. The downside to these is that you store the guns upside down, and they are not tall enough for some of my guns. For example: The Nambu T-14 ends up with the cocking knob resting on the shelf and leaning over a bit, which is quite annoying. Another problem is that some thumb rests can make the grip too wide, for example: Getting the Ruger Mk II wiggled into the rack is a bit of a challenge.

The Armory Rack seems to do away with those problems. It stores the guns upright, and due to the space saving design I can now store eight guns on one shelf, instead of six (see picture). The guns pull straight out, so even if they are packed as sardines you won’t have a problem getting them out and putting them back in. The collection is always growing and I was actually looking into buying a larger safe, but these racks should make it possible to postpone that purchase so I can use the money for guns instead. 8)

The one I got has the tray and the optional coating, and I was afraid that the tray would make it a bit tight at the bottom. Come to find out, even the gigantic Roth-Steyr clears the tray, so no problem there. Another thing I was worried about was if the rods would be strong enough for heavy, long barreled guns. I tried it with some of the larger and heavier ones, like a Bergmann-Bayard and a 6 ½” Smith & Wesson Model 29, but the rods didn’t budge so it should hold up well to most guns. I haven’t had time to gather up all the mags I got squirreled away in different places, but the tray should make it easy to get them organized.

Overall, this is a very nice product and the price is about the same as the Versatile racks, so it will definitely be an Armory Rack next time. You may want to take inventory before you order the coating though, I have several .25s and .22s and it seems like the coating makes the rods too large for these. A .32 fits just fine, but you’ll have to order it without coating for smaller calibers.

BTW: The Armory Rack sticker looks good on my tool chest too.

"Wow, Thanks guys.

"At a local gun show, I met the guys at RJK Ventures. Saw and was able to handle the Armory Racks.  I was impressed with the quality and workmanship and checked to see if two double stack Beretta M9's would fit on the rack, next to one another. They do - with space between them.  If you move the rack with the guns on it, which can be done with the full compliment of eight guns, the grips swing a little and can touch (but the touching is less intrusive than laying the gun down on a hard surface (your wood dresser, night stand or desk). There is NO metal to metal touching.

When I got home I checked their web site and noted the dimensions, then checked my safe. I ordered a eight gun rack and was astounded at the fast delivery.

It worked so well, I ordered another eight gun rack and four gun rack to go with it. The four gun rack holds my revolvers with no worry about the widest part (cylinders) touching one-another. Left to right; Ruger SP101 2.25inch, K-frame 3inch , K-frame 4inch, N-frame 44 Mag. 5 inch.

I'll probably be ordering another 4 rack just to have on the work bench. The Armory Racks work great.

Now, all my handguns, except the .22s are on Armory Racks (they say the 22s will fit if the powder coated barrel insert is bare. I'll wait till they make a rack specifically for the .22. (with coating…)

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After recently posting an heads-up “informational” about an interesting looking product called “Armory Racks” I was contacted and offered a chance to review the product more closely. Because I thought that the design concept was innovative and unique, I agreed.

Soon, I was looking at a brown cardboard box delivered to my doorstep.
Having read other reviews of the product I recalled one reviewer stating that his example of the product had been damaged in shipping and had recommended a more sturdy box. The shipping box I received seemed just fine and the product was in good condition. I suppose if a man were to literally sit on the box it could be crushed and potentially damage the product, but the packaging is similar to cardboard packaging used in every other shipping box and should be sufficient to protect the product under any reasonable delivery circumstances. If the product is damaged by the time of delivery to your door, then it is most likely the result of abusive mishandling by the carrier and you should look to them for resolution.
Besides the product and a warranty/registration card, there was the predictable “guns can shoot people – keep out of reach of children” warning. I really hate the combination of mind-numbing stupidity and hyper-litigious nature of the modern consumer which forces manufactures and merchants to include silly notices not to use their hair-dryers while in the act of showering and to not insert fingers into the business end of a running blender in order to protect themselves from moronic law-suits, but such is the world we live in.
The actual product idea of Armory Racks is an innovative combination ideas. Most existing display racks which allow a handgun to sit butt back and down, barrel forward, offer a wire-frame cradle for the firearm to sit in. This works really well but can take up a lot of room and creates a lot of contact points on the firearm. In contrast, the Armory Racks solution is a rod which slides down the barrel, supporting the firearm and allowing it to hang free. I’ve seen similar ideas used to extend the length of a rifle barrel on a display rack. A wood dowel is inserted in the barrel so that it will fit the cradles designed for much longer rifle barrels. Combining these two ideas really is an innovative solution.
The wire frame is a sturdy all-steel construction.

This fact leads the first, primary, and often sole concern potential users have in regards to Armory Racks. They are, understandably, hesitant to insert a steel rod down the barrel of their handgun. Wood, aluminum, even brass are one thing. STEEL is something else. There is a very natural concern that a steel rod could wear or otherwise damage the crown, rifling, or other components of the barrel.

This concern is address in three ways. First, the entire wire frame is coated in a tough black Powdercoat. This alone is normally enough to prevent steel-to-steel wear. While Powdercoat is very durable, it is significantly less so than the properly heat treated steel of a gun barrel. Second, the tip of the rod is capped with a heavy duty plastic cap. There is enough plastic material in this cap that if it is worn down, one would notice the wear long before the edge of the rod were exposed. Finally, there is a strong neoprene rubber jacket available as an option during or after purchase. Armory Racks will install these for you on a new, un-delivered, rack, if so desired. There is precious little chance of all three of these wearing away and damaging a barrel without notice.
The rods themselves are about 0.19 or 0.20 inches in diameter (I admit that I haven’t miked them) and will fit the barrel of a .22 cal handgun. However, the plastic cap and neoprene jacket are well in excess of .22”. If one wants to store .22 caliber handguns on a Armory Rack it will be necessary to order without the neoprene jacket or to cut it off if you have already installed. This would still leave the protective Powdercoat coating in place and thus will still be safe for the barrel but, honestly, I think that most needs will be met with the neoprene jacket in place. Even with the jacket the diameter is still less than .3” and thus fits 7.62mm and .32” handguns.
This review example came with the optional plastic under-tray. This is well designed. It fits the space well, has reinforcements in the right places, and is (dare I use the word again?) sturdy. While unpacking the rack, I left the tray sitting, face up, and caught myself leaning on it, hand planted square in the center. This put undue pressure on the tray, crossing the reinforcements. When I realized what I was doing, I pulled back in horror, afraid that I had accidentally broken the tray before I’d even managed one photo of it. Fortunately for me, and as a testament to the design, the tray was undamaged. While I am not suggesting that the tray is made for standing on or that it would survive the “Samsonite Gorilla” (OK, it was really the American Tourister Gorilla-costumed man, but we all remember it as the Samsonite Gorilla), it is clearly equal to normal use. It is handy for storing spare magazines, extra (small) firearms, lose ammunition, safety lockout keys, owner’s manuals, purchase receipts, or whatever else you might wish.
The rack is sufficiently long and wide that full sized service handguns, handguns with double-stack magazines, and large revolvers all fit with no issues. The rack held my CZ52, .45LC SAA, and .357 Mag. with no complaints.
Some few revolver owners like to store their revolvers with the cylinder open. There is simply not enough room to accommodate this practice without leaving an empty space. Because no other wire frame rack can accomplish this task either, and because the desire is uncommon, I really can’t count this as a negative.
In conclusion, the product is exactly as described and performs the tasks advertised with aplomb (yes, I said “aplomb” – I’m pretentious!). Armory Racks uncluttered the storage area, offer more square inches of usable space, and present the handguns in an attractive, natural appearing, manner.

Peace favor your sword, Kirk, OH