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1 Gun Installation Instructions

It is highly recommended to install the 1 Gun Armory Rack into a solid surface such as wood, drywall alone is not  a sufficient mounting surface.

The provided anchor screws can be installed in drywall, plaster, wood studs, metal studs, brick, and concrete. The anchors are made of case hardened steel and support up to 50 lbs in drywall and 700 lbs in concrete. If mounting in drywall make sure there is a stud or header behind the drywall for the screw to grip into.

For fastening into wallboard or wood, no pre-drilling is required. The anchor is inserted through the Armory Rack and screwed in with a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

For fastening into concrete, plaster, brick, and metal, requires drilling a small 3/16" hole with a carbide tip drill bit and then following previous steps of using a #2 Phillips driver bit.

You may also use your own mounting screws if your application requires a shorter screw.